If you are interested in joining the Japanese Club please contact Mrs. Robson or attend any one of our informational meetings. 2016-2017 meeting dates will be updated at the start of the school year.

The IRHS 日本クラブ Japanese Club

Irashaimasu! (Welcome!)

   About Us

Please join us to discover Japanese culture, people, music, language and cuisine! We have regular activities to celebrate the following Japanese festivals and holidays, including: White Day, Taiiku no Hi -- Health and Sports Day, The Japanese New Year, Osechi Ryouri -- New Year's Cooking, Seijin No Hi -- Coming of Age Day (with our former members and older siblings), Hina Matsuri -- The Japanese Doll Festival, Cherry Blossoms and The Shichi Go San Matsuri.

The Air Academy Japanese Club is a non-profit student organization dedicated to increasing the awareness of Japanese culture as well as teaching Japanese language to students within the Air Academy community.