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AP Biology Unit Downloads

Summer Assignment: The Basics!

UNIT 01: The first unit of AP Biology is a review unit on the characteristics of life and the chemistry of life. It covers chapters 1-5 & 8 in the 8th edition of Campbell and Reece/ chapters 1-4 & 6 in Biology In Focus.  Students MUST watch all lectures prior to coming to class.

UNIT 02: The second unit of AP Biology is all about cell biology. It is divided into two parts, basic cell biology & communication, and cellular reproduction. It covers chapters 6-7, 9-11 in Campbell and Reece. The downloads for this unit and all subsequent onces include all video lectures.

UNIT 03: The third mini-unit of AP Biology is all about cellular reproduction. 
It covers chapters 12-13 in Campbell and Reece 8th edition. This will be our transition unit from cellular biology into genetics.

UNIT 04: The fourth unit of AP Biology is an introduction to basic genetics, covering chapters 14 and 15.

Winter Assignment: Tour of the Kingdoms!!: Please refer to selections from chapters 25-34 (Campbell 8th edition)

UNIT 05: The fifth unit of AP Biology covers molecular genetics, viruses and bacteria. Download the history of genetics sheet here: 

UNIT 06: The sixth unit of AP Biology covers evolutionary biology. Please refer to chapters 21-26. (Campbell 8th edition) Peppered Moth Assignment

For Blast Lab: (Right click to download each file, RENAME the file to what is shown below and then save to your computer and finally you will next upload to BLAST)





Spring Assignment: Tour of the Human Body!!: Please refer to selections from chapters 41-50 (Campbell 8th edition). I have also included some PowerPoints and video links to assist with this assignment.
UNIT 07: The seventh unit of AP Biology co
vers animal behavior and ecology. Please refer to chapters 51-56. (Campbell 8th edition) Ecological Footprint Assignment
Unit 08: The final unit of AP Biology will consist of review materials for the AP exam.

All files are stored in dropbox so that they are automatically updated online every time a change is made, whether it is in class or at home. Please install dropbox on your device and download each file into your dropbox for the current unit. The school wi-fi sometimes makes it hard to download the files at school if you do not already have dropbox installed.

In order to view most of the files on this website you will need to download and install a free copy of Adobe Acrobat.
We also have PowerPoints that students needs to print, review and take notes on BEFORE we explore the concepts in class. For this reason students must have access to them at home. Understandably, Microsoft Office is expensive so not everyone will be able to have it at home. If you have a PC running Windows, you can download Microsoft's FREE PowerPoint viewer which you can get here.

OpenOffice.org is a fully-featured office suite compatible with leading office products. With it you can open, modify and create PowerPoint presentations. For FREE!

Google Docs is a free ree web-based word processor and spreadsheet, which allow you share and collaborate online. It also allows you to create and export word files.