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I sponsor several clubs!!

I sponsor the Japanese Club, the Environmental Club, GTSA, and we are hoping to start a new Hiking Club!  I really enjoy working with students in club activities! All of the clubs I sponsor are student run and student driven. New students are always welcome!!!  Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions!

Class Color Day Spirit Week 2016!

Envirothon Competition 2012!

 studying nothing but science, advanced biology, chemistry, veterinary science, physics and more! After graduation I went to work for LSU Medical Center in New Orleans as a researcher in the neuroscience department, and I later moved back to Arizona where I continued to work in the field of Biology until I started teaching. I love to learn and pass on my love of learning to my students!

My husband and I moved to Colorado Springs four years ago and we love it here!!! During the summers I am an AP reader in environmental science and I occasionally work as a freelance editor for an English language publisher of Japanese manga. I have also done freelance AP curriculum development. Several summers ago I spent three weeks in Japan as a recipient of a Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholarship. Please visit my blog for more information. My Japan Website Is Online Visit Now This website has been built on my experience in Japan under the Japan Fulbright program.

This is my fourth year at AAHS and I am so excited to be here!! I am teaching 3 sections of AP Biology, 1 section of Flight and 2 sections of Honors Biology. I LOVE teaching! This is my eleventh year teaching and I have never been happier! I decided to become a teacher because first and foremost I love working with kids! And secondly I really wanted to pass on my love of science to kids! I have a master’s degree in teaching and teacher education from the University of Arizona, in addition to two undergraduate degrees, a BS in bio-psychology (this is basically behavioral neuroscience) and the other is a BA in philosophy. After finishing my undergraduate degree requirements I stayed on and spent additional time

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Science Teachers on Halloween 2015!

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I am here for YOU so please come to me if you need anything! I am really excited to be your teacher this year!! Please visit the links above that apply to your class. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Student Trip to Costa Rica 2011!

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